Lives are being saved. Let’s protect that.

Mounting evidence from leading medical research institutions such as Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and NYU tell us that plant medicines are uniquely effective in treating depression, trauma and addiction, and end-of-life anxiety.

These potentially life-saving medicines are currently illegal. Canada, it’s time to decriminalize.

The petition has been closed with 15,000 signatures! It will be read in the House of Commons this fall. Stay tuned as we will be starting a new petition! We won't stop until our work is done.

Why we started this campaign

The time to decriminalize is now

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Mounting clinical research—and thousands of years of traditional use—suggests that entheogenic medicines could be a crucial missing piece in treating epidemic rates of mental illness, addiction and trauma-related conditions and empower well people to realize greater wholeness, purpose and connection.

Society pays the price of inadequate mental-health treatments in loss of life and in unmet human potential. Those costs are far too high. Innovative methods must be added to our existing health-care system.


of Canadians will experience some form of mental illness by the age of 40.

Source - CAMH

Dr. Gabor Mate

“Increasing scientific evidence and burgeoning clinical experience show that, in the proper context, the use of plant medicines can be a positive adjunct to healing, with lasting positive impacts on mental well-being. In advocating for people's right to access these potentially beneficial traditional modalities, this petition is a step in the right direction.

Dr. Gabor Maté - M.D., C.M.
Plant medicines can help us


Healing plants

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Honoured as sacred healing plants for thousands of years throughout the Americas

Can benefit the treatment of alcoholism and other addiction issues

Central to traditional religious and healing practices



Can benefit depression, addiction, anxiety, PTSD, and recidivism

Can increase healing, creativity, and spiritual growth

Used by over 75 Indigenous Amazonian groups as a sacred guide and teacher



Can benefit the eradication of treatment-resistant opiate and methamphetamine addiction

From Central Africa through Gabon, iboga is revered culturally

Used to aid and ease withdrawal symptoms during drug detoxification



Can benefit depression, anxiety, recidivism, and end-of-life anxiety

Can increase healing, creativity, openness and spiritual growth

Respected as a safe and natural healing sacrament for millennia throughout parts of the world

Why we started this campaign

People are being healed today.

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“After 15 years of psychiatrists, pharmaceuticals, and treatments of all kinds and being told I had an incurable anxiety disorder, it was plant medicines like Ayahuasca that finally helped me heal for good.”

Dave in Nanaimo, BC
Car mechanic

“Taking psilocybin was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It has helped me feel more creative, energetic, and loving. Canadians should have access to reliable information and a safe supply of plant medicines for their own healing.”

Madison in Vancouver, BC

“I experienced a mental health crisis in 2015 with severe PTSD syndrome. I sought help and began my journey with plant medicines. My experiences have changed my life and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say they have saved my life.”

Deb in Toronto, ON

“Microdosing psylocybin has helped me very much with my concentration, and memory. On the plus side, i have also benefited from being less shy with people.”

Genevieve in Chicoutimi, QC

“I have complex PTSD and I’ve lived all my life wanting to disappear. Since my experience with plant medicine I want nothing more than to live and experience all the beauty we’re connected to on this planet.”

Emelyn in Kingston, ON

“PTSD, ADHD, MDD and addictions. Counseling and psychiatric medications were futile in beating my demons but plant medicine saved my life.”

Jiggs in Calgary, AB

“I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder decades ago. After multiple severe depression episodes and the classic anti-depression pills, it is psilocybin that has come into my life and made me feel much better and engaged in life.”

Jenna in Ottawa, ON
Marketing manager

“Plant medicine has drastically changed my life for the better. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. But that's all changed now, and I finally have a better understanding of myself. Each day is now something I look forward to. ”

Stephen in Halifax, NS

“The ethical and therapeutic use of plant medicines helped me heal from 20 years of depression and social anxiety. I owe so much to them.”

Pascal in Victoria, BC

“Plant medicines opened a whole new way of life to me and helped me clear a lot of negative thoughts from my mind.”

Jeff in Vancouver, BC

“Plant medicine helped me managed my depression, PTSD, and anxiety.”

Fatih in Montreal, QC

“Plant medicine helped my body and mind detox from a crippling opioids addiction.”

Jennifer in Fredericton, NB

“Plant medicine helped me with PTSD, depression, and addiction to alcohol.”

Nancy in Edmonton, AB

“Plant medicines have helped me to heal from a lot of the trauma I've experienced in my life.”

Jean-Francois in Laval, QC
Sports coach

“For me plant medicines are consciousness medicine, showing me the truth of who I am, and the magic of the universe.”

Elaine in Red Hat, AB
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